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Pixelated in Chicagoland

Hi all,

About 10 months ago, I made the decision to nix Comcast and go OTA for my TV services. I mounted an RCA ANT751 (combo UHF/VHF) to the existing satellite mast that my home's previous owner left on the roof, about 15' off the ground. I aimed the antenna directly at the tower using a compass. I ran some RG6 Quad Shield down to a grounding block, then into my house, into a three-way splitter, and then to each of the three tvs in my house.

Here's my issue: I get TERRIBLE reception on four channels, at least two of which are "green" stations that I should be alright with. The four channels are CBS (2.1), NBC (5.1), WIYY (20.1) and WCIU (26.1). The picture is constantly pixelated, freezing up, and utterly unwatchable. All of my other channels come in crystal clear, and I couldn't be happier with those.

The link to my TVFool report is here:

Can someone please help me out? Is there a way to fix this? Is there something I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance.
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