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Originally Posted by Frugal1SBM View Post
Are there extenders for the dish pole that would allow me to get it a bit higher but still unobtrusive to the current roof line?
Since the mount has braces, it could probably handle a 5 ft extension. Anything longer would be pushing it. The trick would be to match the diameters. If you are allowed to go higher, you would need a different mounting arrangement.
What about boosting split between TVs?
It shouldn't be necessary to boost. First get the signals the way you want them with just one TV, then add a passive splitter. If the signals become too weak after splitting, then, and only then, replace the splitter with a CM3412 or 3414 distribution amp that is a splitter and amp in one unit.

If your TV has a signal strength indicator, it would help.

Just the coax that the dish guys put in would probably be OK, but I have doubts about any other distribution equipment they added, like switches and splitters.
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