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As the HOA is responsible for roof and siding maintenance they will be watching what we do.
Since this is a town-home and not a single-family residence that is solely owned by the homeowner, the OTARD rules do not provide the same level of protection as the roof of such a building does not fall under the "exclusive use or control" provisions of OTARD.

IOW, the HOA's rules are likely permissible in this instance.

Q: If I live in a condominium or an apartment building, does this rule apply to me?
A: The rule applies to antenna users who live in a multiple dwelling unit building, such as a condominium or apartment building, if the antenna user has an exclusive use area in which to install the antenna. "Exclusive use" means an area of the property that only you, and persons you permit, may enter and use to the exclusion of other residents. For example, your condominium or apartment may include a balcony, terrace, deck or patio that only you can use, and the rule applies to these areas. The rule does not apply to common areas, such as the roof, the hallways, the walkways or the exterior walls of a condominium or apartment building. Restrictions on antennas installed in these common areas are not covered by the Commission's rule. For example, the rule would not apply to restrictions that prevent drilling through the exterior wall of a condominium or rental unit and thus restrictions may prohibit installation that requires such drilling.
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