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First, here are the FCC Rules regarding television antennas:

HOAs cannot prohibit antennas. They can tell you your antenna must not extend over the neighbor's townhouse, etc. If you need to extend your antenna above the roofline to receive stations then you are free to do so. Though I would politely speak to them beforehand to avoid unnecessary confrontation.

Your plot shows stations both to the southeast and the northwest. Assuming that you have good line of sight to the distance in both directions (meaning no buildings or mountains in the way) I'd recommend the Antennas Direct Clearstream 2-Max. It is a bi-directional antenna and, if aimed at roughly 322 degrees using a compass, would get you most of the stations from both Buffalo and Toronto/Hamilton.

You could likely reuse the wiring in place, though you should inspect it well since cable and satellite installers don't always do the best job. Try it with a single television and then add a splitter for the other televisions. You can always add amplification later should it be needed.

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