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A few years ago this site helped me cut the cable. I started with an indoor leaf and gradually went to attic and an upgrade antenna on the roof.

I am moving into a one story townhome which formerly had a DirectTV subscription and the dish is still there. I want to replace that dish with a OTA suitable to my new location. As there is an HOA rule the antenna must be on the backside below the roof line I cannot raise it up above the current 20-25 ft location.

The current dish is on the northside of the townhome. I have 3 TVs and think we can hook the antenna into the coax that feeds the tv hook ups. In my previous town location an amplifier was not recommended.
I would like to get the stations in the green and yellow bands, that should not be an issue to those to the north west but not sure about the ones to the south over the ridge of the roofline. Advice appreciated about an omni direction antenna and amplification and splitter booster. I am 68 and will get some help from my daughter's boyfriend to do the roof climbing but I wanted to do all the homework and buy the parts.
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