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Question Can't get OTA feeds to all three rooms with a big house's existing coax cable setups?


When a new attic antenna (RCA ANT-751) was attempted to connect to a existing main coax cable line that was used for the previous owner's Dish TV service, it only worked in the big house's family room but not the other two smaller rooms.

I would assume OTA still work after disconnecting Dish satellite to an attic antenna. Others and I could not figure out why these two rooms don't get anything. We don't know if there are disconnected cables inside the walls. Or maybe these coax cables are too old? The previous owner said that all three rooms worked with his Dish service before he moved out several months ago.

Does OTA need something special for these splitters and shared main coax cable line? I did notice one room had a coax cable device with its power AC connector for a power outlet. I don't know if that is the problem.

Thank you in advance.
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