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NW of Atlanta suburbs

The analysis of my location is:

House is 2 stories with tall trees nearby between house and Atlanta. Sunroom is attached to first floor and floor is 8 to 10 feet off the ground - in the Atlanta direction.

I have U-verse in the house (& not ready to go through HGTV and Fox News Channel withdrawal), but I also have a new small portable 9" TV that I can watch in my sunroom (no cable outlet) on the east side of the house. I can get great reception on all the UHF RF channels with just a passive RCA ANT1500 (supposedly multi-directional), but sometimes I'd like to get the PBS channel 8 (RF 8) too.

Also Channel 11 (RF 10) is about 10 degrees south of most of the other Atlanta stations, and I must move the RCA antenna to get a clear picture, but I can get it just fine. I can easily pick up every channel listed for me on including Rome (Channel 14 - RF 51) with the RCA antenna, except I cannot seem to get Channel 8 (RF 8). I tried a Phillips amplified with rabbit ears but it wasn't noticeably better than the flat RCA.

I have been searching to see if I can find an antenna that is
(1) just a bit more powerful than what I have,
(2) more multi-directional or one that doesn't have to be repositioned to get different channels clearly, and
(3) better at picking up RF 8 and RF 10 (these are considered high VHF?)

I don't really have attic access but could mount an antenna on my sunroom roof or on exterior house wall above it, but am wondering if a small indoor/outdoor antenna on the house wall facing east might work just as well inside sunroom [only 10'x12'], that is all windows, so it is like being outside?

Since this little TV was inexpensive and is not one of my main ones, I don't want to spend a fortune just to pick up Channel 8. Any suggestions on specific antennas to try, or should I just go back into the living room to watch Channel 8?


P.S. FYI: I got one of these flat RCA antennas ($24.88) for an elderly friend in Atlanta (30305 zipcode) and her reception is much better for all the Atlanta stations (<10 miles) than it was with her outside roof antenna. She is estatic that she can now get Channel 8 WGTV (13 miles) without having to add a rotor to her roof antenna. When we rescanned for channels, it picked up 28 channels (not counting all the sub channels). It is located in the middle of her house, next to a brick fireplace, away from any windows.

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