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Originally Posted by slowhike View Post
I'm hoping to get a few more suggestions.
I'm getting weaker signals than before, at least on some stations.
My TV does not have a signal meter, so I have to do some guesstimation in the following report.

I'm quite sure I was seeing some increase in pixialtation & drop-outs as the large oak trees (two at each end of the house) began to leaf out.
And I believe I saw a further increase in pixialtations drop-outs after adding the 4-way splitter I described in my last post here.
The signals are certainly not as reliable as they were a couple months ago.

As I read other threads about pre-amps & such, I see that a pre-amp does not improve the signal, it just pushes it further down the line.

So I'm wondering if I would benefit from a stronger antenna.
Sure do wish I had a signal meter.
Man get yourself this antenna and a rotor and if needed get a signal amp for the mast,
you can use the one you alredy have above or under with a uhf/vhf separator.
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