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Splitting siginal to 2 or 3 TVs

I'll ask in this thread that gives all my info were the fine folks here have already helped me choose a good antenna & I continue to get between 35 & 40 some channels.

I need to split the signal to a TV in the next room & maybe to another TV later.

The antenna is mounted on the chimney on the south end of the roof peak.
The main TV is in the living room directly below the antenna, so the cable goes down the side & into the LR window (aprox 15').
The new TV will be in the next room on the far side of the living room (another 15' maybe) & the possible 3rd location would be in the next room.

So I'm hoping for advice on a good quality splitter & some understanding on the best way to split the cables off from the splitter.
For instance, would I run the original cable from antenna to inside the attic were it would connect to the splitter, then run the three new cables through the ceiling into each TV room?
Thanks. ...Tim
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