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Strange, strange, strange
I took the newest & primary TV (HD) in another room were a much older TV had been used for TW cable running through the DVD player.
I started by leaving the DVD player in place & hooking it to the new HD TV. It worked fine on TW cable, even though it had not in the living room.
So I ran cable strait to the HD TV in the other room & it still worked fine. No channel scan necessary.
So I took the HD TV back into the living room were it was when it began giving trouble today.
I hooked it back to the TW cable & it worked fine.

Next I replaced the TW cable with the antenna coax cable & did a channel scan. It's working fine again
I wonder if something is loose inside the TV? Oh well, it's working for now

Wind gusts have been 20 mph or maybe a little more today according to local weather station.
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