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They show the signal strength for the channel that you are currently tuned into. But once you are in the signal meter can typically scan through the channels and it will then provide new signal information, for each individual channel, as you scan through. It works this way on many TVs, but not all of them.

My personal experience is with my 2010 Panasonic LED as well as the TiVo (Premiere), which I am currently using as a tuner.

Note: I own a 2009 Samsung LED. But the built-in signal meter on that TV is not of the type I previously described and not really very helpful. As previously mentioned, some of these built-in tuners are different and not always the most useful depending on the type of television.

Yes, I would make notes on which channels are pixilating or occasionally dropping. Hopefully, it's not many! As previously mentioned, you *could* consider a preamp to boost some of the signals if you determine that it is warranted. But if you do this, you want to plan it out carefully so you are making a wise decision about the type of preamp, etc.

Note: WHKY is probably the weakest full power station in the Charlotte market (along with WTVI). WHKY actually is broadcasted out of Hickory, NC. It is weak in their market as WGPX is weak in the Triad market. You may find (with several of these stations) that they are not going to be totally reliable. However, you should expect reliable viewing 24/7 on the vast majority of the stations listed. At least I do up here; and you are a bit closer than I am to most of these stations.
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