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Originally Posted by rabbit73 View Post
The link to your estimated report again (I don't have your exact address):

an extract from that report:

Using the Winegard CC-7870 Combiner is a lot like using a splitter in reverse as a combiner.
It doesn't always work because when the same signals from each antenna reach the combining point, they will interfere with each other if they are not in phase (arrive at the same instant).

If you don't get all the signals when combined that you had when the two antennas were separate, that method of combining doesn't work at your location.

As a test, I suggest you aim just the 91XG at Roanoke without the combiner to see what you get.

Are there any trees or other objects in the signal path from the North?
I will try aiming the 91xg, no trees on the way.
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