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JoeAZ: So far I've only read about the advantages of NetGen or 3.0 OTATV, but I would be very interested in understanding the disadvantages as well, to get a more objective sense on the matter.

Thanks and all the best!
A small group of engineers came to my home in Prescott to see
in actuality, how the Nextgen signals travel. They brought a
converter box and connected to my LG 55" OLED tv. We tried
multiple antennas. Starting with my CM-3018, then my Winegard
7694P, then two custom antennas. They had high tech signal
meters to see how the Nextgen signal arrived versus the current
signal. With a 2 edge KFPH signal at my home, there was
virtually no difference between current and Nextgen. The largest
difference was between the custom antennas and my purchased
antennas. We had my internet connected, which is required
to benefit from Nextgen tv. The interface between the broadcast
signal and internet was quite choppy. It might have been my
internet but the engineers told me that it is a common Nextgen
issue. The "local" content varied between Phoenix, Flagstaff and
Prescott. It seemed like it couldn't make it's mind up over my
location. The picture quality was superb, aside from the choppiness.
The audio was not discernibly better than current broadcasts.
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