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There are 2 analog LP channel 6s that you may have to worry about. They are both being used as Franken-FMs on 87.7. One is in DC and is Spanish (WDCN-LP), the other is on the Eastern Shore (WDCO-LP). The audio portion of their signal is surprisingly resilient and carrys stupid-far. (I am in Harford county MD, so how well they get to you may vary from my experience.)

Driving along 152 I can catch Spanish language programing on 87.7. In Bel Air I can get Christian Programing on 87.7. From me, WDCN is 56 miles and WDCO is 103 miles. That shows part of the problem of VHF-low, a low power signal can carry on forever.

They may cause co-channel noise. That could lead to non-intuitive aiming of an antenna for philly. The half power beam width of an antenna at VHF-low frequencies is pretty big. If WDCO is causing co channel interference, getting the antenna to put WDCO in a null could help, which if there is a null at 90 degrees would mean aiming the antenna at 62 degrees true rather than 45 degrees true.

WPVI is transmitting circular polarized, so it could even be worth trying skewing the antenna (antenna elements would not be parallel to the ground). There may be some skew that helps null out noise.

Your TV fool plot shows a pretty good chance of getting WMAR, ABC out of Baltimore. You might want to compare WMARs schedule to WPVIs schedule to see if there is enough philly originated content to go after. About all I can think of is the Thanksgiving parade, but that ends up on ABC out of DC.
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