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Originally Posted by b2471041 View Post
Here's my report.

I'd like to get KCBS, KNBC, KTLA, KABC, and KTTV. On the plus side it looks like they are all from the same location so one antenna should work. I'd like to mount it in the attic because of high wind conditions that can exceed 60mph gusts. But I can also mount in on the roof which will give me the 25ft height.

I currently have an old antenna from the 80s and it barely pulls in any channels. Pretty much just KTTV and KCOP which makes sense given the chart. Can it still be used or the parts used to build a new antenna one?

Only need to supply signal to one tv that would require a 40ft coax cable run if that matters.

Thanks for any suggestions.
I think you'd be shooting yourself in the foot by putting it in the attic. Even the most favorable attic roof is still a big handicap. And you don't have any signal to waste.

KCBS is difficult to impossible with that chart. -7.5 NM is way down. You might do better if you go higher.

How much do you want to spend?
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