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The only reason to consider the HD8200U in your application is if you want to try to receive WGWG (real CH-6) and WOCK (real CH-4). Both are quite weak... especially given the added noise present at those frequencies. You'd be 'at the edge' based on the signal report you've posted.

The long elements at the rear of the 8200 (and equivalent antennas from other manufacturers) are there to provide Low-VHF (real CH-2 through 6) reception. Those elements are the most vulnerable to wind and ice damage.

So, it boils down to, 'what's most important to you?'

1) Less wind load
2) A chance at reception of one or both weak L-VHF signals.

The HBU-44 (or HBU-55) suggested by StephanieS is a very good option. If you want to shop the competition, the Winegard HD7698P is a direct competitor to the larger HBU series antennas.

For lower wind load profile, I'd lean toward the DB8E + Y10713 combination. This is based only on my non-scientific assessment of the antennas, the manufacturers don't provide any wind loading data.
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