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Hello DTesch,

Apologies for no one getting to you.

For your situation you need UHF and high VHF support. If I were installing, I'd go with a Antennacraft HBU44 ( mounted to your chimney if possible and orientated to magnetic 110 (ESE). Make sure you are clear of obstructions if possible. This includes trees and power lines.

Good mounting poles can be find at super hardware stores with 10' chain link fence top.

You could likely use a smaller antenna and serve one or two TVs. Feeding 4 TVs, using a stronger more gain driven antenna will give you better chances at distributing the signal.

Now, 4 TVs can be handled a couple ways. First, how long will your coax run be to a splitter and then how far will your most distant TV be from the antenna? Your signals are on the lower side so distribution amp may be a good idea. These are sold by channel master and are offered in 4 port versions. These overcome losses of splitters and long runs.

In setting your system up though, first step after you have the antenna aimed and the coax drop into your home, run a single non-split coax into ONE TV and test reception. If reliable and of good signal, add splitter/distribution amp and test with other tvs. This will help you determine where to focus should one TV have reception issues.

I would expect you will see the vast majority of Chicago broadcasts reliably.


Edit: Rockford isn't nearly as favorable as Chicago. You have a chance at WQRF and WTVO. WREX is just below the bleeding edge of reception and may drop in and out at best. To have a chance at Rockford you'd need a more aggressive antenna than the HBU44. Likely, a sepearate antenna system comprised of a Antennas Direct DB8e for UHF and a Antennacraft Y10713 for VHF is what Rockford would require.

These separate systems would operate off a A/B switch in the house which would allow you to toggle between markets.

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