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TV/FM splitter

Originally Posted by GroundUrMast View Post
If you have a UHF only antenna and are combining it with a VHF only antenna, then use a UHF/VHF signal combiner. Radio Shack, Antennas Direct and Solid Signal offer versions of the same idea, a part that looks like a 2-way splitter, but has tuned filters that isolate the two antennas.
I am looking for a signal combiner/splitter for FM/TV, a part that is getting harder to find. I found the MCM Electronics #33-350 that should do the job but I can't find any specs on it. Do you know if it blocks FM on the TV port? Do you know what the FM db loss is on that leg?

I have a regular splitter to feed my TV distribution amp and my FM receiver but want to replace it with the FM/TV splitter. I have a hot FM station nearby at 91.1 MHz that is trashing my FM reception and I don't want that signal going into my TV amp. Also, I am thinking of buying a tinlee custom notch filter but they are bit pricey.
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