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Originally Posted by SVTarHeel View Post
In another thread, I mentioned a Raleigh company that recently started selling a new antenna. I'm thinking of giving them a try, based on two things - they have a money-back guarantee, and the reviews on Amazon are really good. Now I don't know much about the technology, but when people say things like "I tried X different antennas and could get only a few stations but I got the Mohu Leaf and now get a gazillion," it makes me think that it's at least worth considering. YMMV
Yep, I've read about the Mohu Leaf antenna. The company is located in the Raleigh area; but the antenna is also available online. From the reviews I've read, this antenna has received positive feedback. Of course, this is an indoor only antenna; and I think the reception distance would be limited to probably 30 miles or so. However (for you), since you only want an antenna as a backup for your satellite, it might be something worth trying out.

I 'do' like the fact that this company is locally operated out of North Carolina; and I believe the antennas are actually made in the USA.
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