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Originally Posted by scott784 View Post
Here's one suggestion, buy an antenna locally (with a guaranteed return policy). Try to get one of the better ones! Take it home and hook it up to your TV (even if you just try it indoors, or perhaps (very) temporary with a RG-6 coax cable strung outside your window. See if you see any sign of WGPX at all. If you don't, then you will know not to go to the extra time and expense of getting something permanently installed outside or in your attic.
Thanks, I may just try that. Do you know anywhere around town I can get one? Outdoor antennas are such rare animals anymore that I don't know anyone that sells them, except buying online of course.

Also, with the Charlotte stations you get, do you get other stations besides major networks? I was just wondering if it allowed you to see other shows, etc. that you can't get with the channels we have here. I realize you can get their local news, etc. but I was just curious about the other programming you were able to receive in that market.

Thanks for the great feedback, it's really helpful.
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