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1) Thanks for the detailed info. With your long range antenna, are there any ION affiliates in Charlotte you are able to get? As I said, that's just a really key station for us and one that we typically watch 2 or 3 nights a week with the great syndicated programs they have there. That's really weird that your friend in Rural Hall can get the ION station, since he's farther from Greensboro than we are.

2) It sounds to me like you are saying even a long range antenna isn't likely to be able to pick up ION. Is that correct? I know it depends on area as well, but I just probably don't want to fool with the whole antenna route if I know ahead of time I can't get ION.

3) We currently have the $10 per month broadcast cable service from Time Warner. It gives us the basic channels (including ION). But we have a really old TV. I was told with the newer TVs that this broadcast cable service will look really bad since it's non-HDTV. Do you agree with that?

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