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Originally Posted by scott784 View Post
Did you decide on an antenna? John is certainly far more of an expert 'on all things antenna' versus myself. However, I also live in Winston. Let me know if I can answer any of your questions concerning general reception issues in the Triad, or the purchase of an antenna. I've been using OTA for a while now here in your local area.
HI Scott,

Nice to find a couple of other folks here from Winston!

I haven't gotten the antenna yet because we are also going to be getting a new television, and I want to do it all at once. We are also looking at moving the dvd player to the closet and adding some shelves so this is quite a big project. But we will definitely be going with the outdoor antenna John Candle recommended unless something changes.

One question, you have an antenna in your attic, not an outdoor antenna, right? According to John's earlier post, ION shouldn't be a problem if you are using an outdoor roof mounted antenna. ION is a really important station for us because we watch a lot of syndicated programs on it, so I really hope we can get it. Do you think the roof mounted antenna will be good enough vs the attic one you have?

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