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Originally Posted by scott784 View Post
I am not so sure about you using your original wiring. Most likely, it is all corroded out.
Well, that's where my ignorance comes in. The antenna is at least 40 years old and I wasn't sure if UHF analog was the same as UHF digital as far as the reception ability of the antenna was concerned or if the existing antenna is 100% useless in a post-analog world.

Originally Posted by scott784 View Post
I also live in Winston-Salem and I can tell you from experience, don't expect great results from WGPX (our ION affiliate).
That's the station that's the least of my worries. Even with OTA as a backup, I'm set with belt and suspenders as far as ION - I was shocked to discover that the DirecTV channel lineup not only has the local station, but it has an East and West Coast national feed. So, even if I'm in the midst of storms, I can catch the West Coast feed 3 hours later.

And, since I live almost exactly between the Sauratown and Sophia towers, I was hoping I could split the difference between a table top and roof/mast mounted antenna and put something in the rafters that, unattended, can reliably get all those the signals, whether coming from the front or from the back.
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