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Originally Posted by JoeAZ View Post
That is good news!
You might want to consider getting a Roku.
You would be shocked at how many FREE movies,
shows and sports there are and all free. I don't pay
a penny for tv. Pluto tv on Roku is incredible......
All the best!
Go Bills!!!!!!!!
Hey Joe

I did mention that I have "free streaming" in my previous post.

So I went from a DL speed of 3-4 MPS to 120. Quite a jump, although I don't really notice it except when DLing a large file, which I tried just out of curiosity. Normal surfing, opening pages, clicking links, the 30+ times speed increase really isn't noticeable.

Living room TV has a Roku stick, which has always worked very well -- no noticeable improvement when streaming with the new high speed.

Bedroom TV is a "smart" TV which I hate (both are Vizeos). Having one remote for everything is nice but the the TV works like crap, even for OTA watching.

When I first got it in 2016 it was ok, but then it would automatically update the "smart" (cough) software on occasion and each time it did things got worse.

For the past year or so, the buttons are so sluggish it's ridiculous. When switching OTA channels there is a big pause; going forward 3-4 channels quickly is a joke, you can't do it.

The pauses when pressing function buttons when streaming were beyond crazy, almost to the point of not wanting to use it. Play, pause, FF, rewind, stop, all would take 10-15 seconds to activate. I thought with the 30X faster streaming speeds it would at least help, but it hasn't made any noticeable difference.

I don't stream on the "smart" (cough) TV that often, but I've though of getting a Roku stick for it and the hell with the "smart" stuff.

FWIW: I never really had a problem with the stream buffering while watching, so no change there either.

I hope I didn't get too far off topic (OTA TV) with this post.
Everything from the roof down to the TVs was installed new in 2011.
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