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Originally Posted by JoeAZ View Post
Hey Dagwood,

The Bills game was shown nationally yesterday.
Our local CBS affiliate, KPHO Phoenix showed it.
Two patriots staffers were caught by Sean McDermott
snooping around during pregame. McDermott told
them to get lost. One of those staffers was Brian
Belicheck, son of the coach. The cheap hit on Josh
Allen really pisses me off. Why he wasn't ejected
is beyond belief. Any helmet to helmet contact is
reason for ejection, period. I think if Josh had remained
in the game, the Bills would have prevailed. We will
never know...
WUHF, Fox 31 was and remains on Rf 28. They did not
need to make any changes for repack. You should call
the station to find out if they might be running at reduced
power for some strange reason. It might take several calls.
You might want to get the name of a engineer for future
reference. Wish I had better news
for you.
Joe, the league said that hit wasn't bad enough for the NE player to be ejected. One of the Bills in the locker room (Micah Hyde I think) made the point that if anybody did that "to number twelve," they would definitely be ejected. So true.

No channel 31 yet. It's going to be cold this weekend, I'll see what happens then.
Everything from the roof down to the TVs was installed new in 2011.
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