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Hi Dagwood,

All stations above Rf 36 are required to move to make room for
wireless communications. In your area, WROC moves from Rf 45
to Rf 21 and WBGT from Rf 46 to Rf 29. In order to coordinate
all the moves and prevent co-channel and other reception issues,
the moves come in "phases." Your area should actually be mostly
through the repack with only two stations left to make the move.
My assumption is that one or more stations transmitter needs some
adjustments to improve reception. That is why you are seeing the
stations go dark in the wee hours of the morning. I believe you
should not experience any more service interruptions during normal
viewing hours except in the case of an emergency or major failure.
Our weather here is cooler than normal and currently cloudy with a
good chance for rain. After a hot, dry summer, we really could use
a break and get some much needed moisture. The trees at my elevation,
5,200 feet, won't really start to turn until mid/late October but in
Flagstaff, at 7k feet, the trees are already changing. They pale, however,
to the incredible reds, oranges and yellows of New York State!
Nothing would please me more than to see the BUFFALO BILLS prevail
over those cheaters....... I watch every Bills game online, for free.

All the best,

Ch Curr
Ch Callsign City of License Operator Ph LSS
9 13 WHAM-TV ROCHESTER, NY Sinclair 4 36 [Const.] [Map]
10 10 WHEC-TV ROCHESTER, NY Hubbard Broadcasting [Const.] [Map]
21 45 WROC-TV ROCHESTER, NY Nexstar Broadcasting 4 37 [Const.] [Map]
22 16 WXXI-TV ROCHESTER, NY WXXI Public Broadcasting Council 4 36 [Const.] [Map]
26 25 WGCE-CD ROCHESTER, NY Vision Communications 10 [Const.] [Map]
28 28 WUHF ROCHESTER, NY Sinclair [Const.] [Map]
29 46 WBGT-CD ROCHESTER, NY Vision Communications 7 [Const.] [Map]
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