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Originally Posted by OTAFAN View Post
Hi fuzzymaster:

You're ahead of the game by posting your report along with your TV Fool one. I think is more up to date, if I'm correct about this.

I'm not a Tech, but I can try to get you going with what I've learned on TV Fool and at my location here in SOCAL LA/OC.

Your report shows quite a spread of the stations you're looking to receive, abc, cbs, nbc and fox. So you probably are going to need an antenna rotor so you can pick up the station you want to watch at various times, I'm guessing. I know the good Techs here would probably recommend a rotor that Ham Radio Operators use. I think there are several models available and they are heavy duty enough to give you years of use, especially for the cost.

Also, I think you're going to need as large as practical antenna that you could put up on your roof. Winegard, Channel Master and RCA come to mind immediately. I know there are a few others as well. You need as much gain with a larger boom as possible because of the distance to your towers. And you might need a preamp as well, etc.

I'm sure other more experienced TV Fool Techs or posters will be able to help you achieve your goals. Please let the forum know how it all turns out for you once you get set up.

Take care up on that roof (safety first!), and all the best.....
Would something like a DB8e or HDB8X combined with a Stellar Labs 30-2476 help eliminate his need of a rotor?
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