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It looks like DaveBB is located in Lavonia, GA which is in a mountainous region in the far northeastern part of the state so his results are going to depend very much on his actual location. There can be big variations in signal strength depending on where the antenna is located.

DaveBB, as I have mentioned before in some of the other threads you started, the TV Fool report is no longer accurate as they have not updated their database since 2017. The RabbitEars report is what is needed. OTAFAN ran the report for your zip code area which shows some promising results, but a report with your actual location is really needed to make a better recommendation.

If you are not comfortable with generating that report at and sharing it here, I would be happy to generate it for you and can post it here. Just PM me with your address or GPS coordinates and the height of your proposed antenna above ground.
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