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Originally Posted by rabbit73 View Post
Sometimes the combiner you are using has problems. What happens to WMYD when you connect the UHF antenna to the tuner with and without the preamp, bypassing the combiner?

UHF Ant > FM filter > grounding block > tuner

UHF Ant > FM filter > preamp > grounding block > power inserter > tuner

Which FM filter are you using?
This crossed my mind but I would have to take down the whole stack to access the combiner & I don't have another afternoon to forfeit doing that right now, too much other house stuff to do, recabling ate a whole afernoon yesterday I had planned for other work.
The FM Filter was bought at radio shack a 3-4 years ago, not sure of the model, it resolved the issue I had with WTOL 11 breakup I had at the time.
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