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WDIV on real channel 45 has adjacent channel interference from WUPW on real channel 46. A tuner is not expected to reject adjacent channel interference that is more than 33 dB stronger. WUPW is 49.6 dB stronger than WDIV.

5.4.2 Adjacent Channel Rejection

The receiver should meet or exceed the thresholds given in Table 5.2 for rejection of first
adjacent-channel interference at the desired signal levels shown above the columns therein.

When you overload a tuner with local signals, it makes reception of weaker signals more difficult, because spurious signals are created in the tuner from IMD (Intermodulation Distortion) that damage the weak signals.

WUPW -29.1 dBm + 13 dB ant + 18 dB preamp = +1.9 dBm; tuner overload

ATSC Recommended Practice:
Receiver Performance Guidelines

Document A/74:2010, 7 April 2010


5.1 Sensitivity

5.2 Multi-Signal Overload
In short this is why I opted for a more directional antenna to address this, there has been improvement.
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