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In conversation I always refer to the channel number the station is identified with rather than the real
I refer to the channel by its real channel number because

1. it is the real channel number that determines the antenna needed.
2. the real channel number is always listed on the report, but the virtual channel number isn't always listed.
3. sometimes two channels will have different real channel numbers, but the SAME virtual channel number.

I understand the difference
You might understand the difference, but the way you state it isn't clear.

Using the callsign avoids that ambiguity and uncertainty.

Why don't you call the WMYD station engineer?
I was surprised that I lost all but 6 channels of 36 (with the 22 degree point), I know its directional but that is a really an extreme blackout point,
This is the time of year for tropospheric propagation when you will receive channels that you will not usually receive.
If you can not measure it, you can not improve it.
Lord Kelvin, 1883

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