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Would the Eagle Aspen ROTR100
be compatible with the Antennas Direct Juice preamp for a single coax feed?
The ROTR100 has been out of production for several years and is unavailable unless you can find one on eBay or buried somewhere.

The ROTR100's capability to supply power to a preamp via the 1-wire scheme was limited to preamps that would run off ~17 volts DC at < 80 mA. Our PA18 met those qualifications but I could never get a single ROTR100 from half a dozen samples to actually work correctly in that mode. Neither the Juice nor its predecessor, the CPA19, would have any chance to function in this mode as both have much higher current requirements (110-130 mA typically).

Also does this limit signal to any substantial degree?
No. The insertion loss is AFTER the preamp so whatever loss there is simply comes off whatever gain the amp had provided, just as if you'd had a longer coax run or a splitter inserted.
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