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Originally Posted by ADTech View Post
For troubleshooting purposes, run a temporary dedicated coaxial cable directly from the antenna's combiner unit to the nearest TV set. There's something going on here in your installation that isn't immediately evident and it is going to be necessary to break down the system to its individual components in order to understand what is going on.

That means: No amplifier, no external combiner, both panels aligned in a single direction at a time. Test reception. If you have stations in another direction, re-aim the antenna and retest individually. We have to learn what is and is not working.
I have already eliminated everything stated above, I am only hooked into the DB8e directly with no amplifier, external combiner, etc. The only thing I haven't done is aligned the two panels in a single direction, but this defeats my purpose of buying the antenna to use in two directions? Not trying to sound negative just discouraged.

Thanks ADTech
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