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Sorry to hear you got a lemon, but glad that you found the problem.

Good detective work, hsparks56!

I have heard stories about returns being resold on Amazon. There is more than one listing for DB8e antennas on Amazon. Some say "Ships from and sold by" and others say "Ships from and sold by Techibble." or "Ships from and sold by UnbeatableSale, Inc." I would think the "Ships from and sold by" listing would be more reliable.

I also see they are selling the older DB8 (no e) for less than the DB8e, and some clones like the FOCUS-8HD-90D, Xtreme Signal HDB8X-NI 8-Bay, and Dual Quad Bay Outdoor by Stellar Labs,

Which listing did you use?

Antennas don't ship well; the cartons seem inadequate. About half the antennas I have ordered have arrived with some damage.
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