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Originally Posted by ADTech View Post
Simply relocating the C2V from its current location is likely all you need to do. It "appears" that it's below the level of your neighbors home, but, only someone standing on the roof would be able to be certain. Your situation illustrates the pitfall of using an existing satellite mount without taking the TV antenna's different requirements into proper consideration.

If that existing dish mount has support "legs" for a larger 18x24 dish, it's sturdy enough to install an extension pipe into it an raises the C2V up. Depending on the specific mount, you might easily get 5-8' of additional elevation which might clear the neighbor's rooftop.

Barring that, simply moving the antenna to the rear edge of the garage roof, closer to your deck, may allow the C2V a relatively unobstructed field of view for a good distance towards Fordland. I'd even be inclined to try it on your deck if that gets you out from behind the neighboring house.

One thing I did notice when I zoomed out from your rooftop view is that your signal LOS passes right through what appears to be a big tree in the back yard of the home on the corner across the street. If your reception issues correlate with wind or rain, then that tree would likely explain the issues.

Of the antennas you named, I'd only consider the second one plus the HBU33 as candidates. If you're going to have to go bigger, no point in trying to be subtle about it.

That's because Voxx Intl doesn't seem interested in publishing any specs.
ADTech, I am revisiting this thread and this post because after some unexpected financial costs forced me to shelve this project for a while I am revisiting it. I am curious about your comment about my LOS from my Fordland signals passing through a large tree in the back yard. Is that LOS from where my C2V currently sits or are you saying it would still be in the LOS path if I move that antenna to the peak of the tallest point of the roof with an eaves mount?
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