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An update: My spouse is still very reluctant/hesitant to try the eaves mount. To me, it seems the option to have the best chance of success. Since she is still reluctant at this point, I feel I should explore other options that don't involve moving the C2V in any way first. To that end, I mentioned I had another DVR in my possession, the DVR+ from Channel Master, so I have tried it in the same setup to see how it would do (since every tuner can be different). The only change was the addition of the Holland Splitter (in this setup I don't need the Moca connection and need signals going to all 3 of my television sets).

91XG>Winegard LNA>Tinlee AC7 combiner>Holland 3 way splitter

C2V> Tinlee AC7 combiner>Holland 3 way splitter

Initial results hadn't shown any trouble with 33-1 (or any of its subchannels) or 10-1. What was noticeably different was the signal strength on 49-1 (Fox) was in the fifties and could fluctuate down to 48 or so (where some pixelation/cutout would occur). That seemed to suggest to me that the signal I was sending to the Tivo Roamio was receiving some sort of amplification once it got to the unit.

In order to try and bump the signal back up (to eliminate the cutouts) for Fox 49-1 I made the following change (daisy chaining two amps):

91XG>Winegard LNA>Channel Master 3410> Tinlee AC7 combiner>Holland 3 way splitter

C2V> Tinlee AC7 combiner>Holland 3 way splitter

This caused 3-1 (and its subchannels to drop out). Because of the dropoff, I decided to add 6db worth of attenuation to the Fox signal to attempt to alleviate the overload. So, after that change the setup looked like this:

91XG>Winegard LNA>Channel Master 3410> 6db attenuator >Tinlee AC7 combiner>Holland 3 way splitter

C2V> Tinlee AC7 combiner>Holland 3 way splitter

I thought I had "fixed" the overload as for a while 3-1 and everything was back and in the 80's on the signal strength and 100% on the DVR+ signal quality meters.

But, back came the pixelation/cutouts on the 3-1 (and its subchannels). I was able to confirm that the cutouts are not relegated to the DVR+ only. The sole regular television set I happened to check for the same issues on was doing the same thing.

I am going to try to see what the 3-1 signal looks like when I take out the Channel Master 3410 and what it looks like leaving it if I up the attention to 9db or so.

Other than that, does anyone have any suggestions regarding adding the little "boost" Fox seems to need when in use with the Channel Master DVR+? Again, please keep in mind these are alternatives I am considering that don't involve the moving of any antennas in order to exhaust all options to appease the wife (if all we are left with is that option). I appreciate anyone who chooses to provide feedback.
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