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Higher than what? If you mean higher than the roof itself, it would be something like the attachment. If you mean higher than its present location on the garage roof, then the C2V on the garage roof is about as high as the top part of the windows of the 2nd floor at the back of the house.

The eave mount itself at the back of the higher roof on the west side will not show from the street. Only the C2V antenna and the upper part of the mast will show.

Yes she meant higher than the roof itself.

If you mounted the C2V on a mast on the rear deck, then nothing would show from the street, and the reception at that location might be satisfactory, because it looks like that is also an unobstructed place. The antenna on the deck would become a conversation piece for "bragging rights" about free high quality TV pictures and no cable bill.

Are you talking about using the 5 or 10 foot mast? I'm not quite sure how that would be mounted on the deck (and also figured other houses or objects would prevent the C2V from having an unobstructed view from there).

This might be of interest to you since you have a CM DVR+:
New Firmware update for DVR+ #114R

I had seen that over at AVS and thought about connecting via Ethernet to get the update. I haven't yet. One of the primary reasons I switched to the Tivo is because of a whole home setup which Channel Master doesn't have right now (but keep saying in January they are going to reveal something). The Tivo route for a DVR setup also seems to simplify my antenna setup a bit as I am only sending signals to 1 TV. I think it would start to get complicated to send signals to 3 TV's which each had a DVR+ connected to them (accounting for 6 tuners to drive). I would probably have to add an amp somewhere if I did that don't you think?

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