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My wife is wanting to know how much higher the mast would be sticking up above the roof if we go with the eaves mount. I wasn't sure so I thought I'd ask.
Higher than what? If you mean higher than the roof itself, it would be something like the attachment. If you mean higher than its present location on the garage roof, then the C2V on the garage roof is about as high as the top part of the windows of the 2nd floor at the back of the house.

The eave mount itself at the back of the higher roof on the west side will not show from the street. Only the C2V antenna and the upper part of the mast will show.
Short answer is "As high as it takes".

We are not able to stand on your rooftop and see what the precise distances and heights might be. The antenna will work best when it gets a clear and unobstructed view in the direction the signals are coming from.
It is a different case for the C2V antenna on the garage roof, because of the house next to you on the east side. You would, as ADTech says, need to raise it high enough for the signals to clear the peak of their roof, which might be too obvious and unattractive.

You don't have a signal clearence problem, as far as I can tell, with the eave mount on the back of the higher roof where the eave mount would be fastened. That point has an unobstructed view to the NE, which is why that would be the best location for the C2V.

If you mounted the C2V on a mast on the rear deck, then nothing would show from the street, and the reception at that location might be satisfactory, because it looks like that is also an unobstructed place. The antenna on the deck would become a conversation piece for "bragging rights" about free high quality TV pictures and no cable bill.

The 91XG for Fox is doing well on the garage roof, as proved by your attenuator test to measure the "fade margin." After studying the photos of your house, it looks like the 91XG is also about as high as the top of the upper floor windows at the back, so even if it were moved up to a slightly higher location, the improvement wouldn't be much, if any. That is why we said leave it where it is on the garage roof.

This might be of interest to you since you have a CM DVR+:
New Firmware update for DVR+ #114R
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