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My last question for today has to do with alternative antennas. Since I will need to bring someone out (handyman?) to do this for me, I probably need to have an alternative antenna on hand if the error messages/multipath continues with the C2V. I have been researching some options which I will list below for feedback.

Channel Master CM 2016:

Winegard HD7694P:

Antenna Craft HBU22:

Channel Master CM3016:

I can't find specs for it but this RCA gets good reviews:

Primary consideration of course is performance, but size suitable for the mounting options and durability for weather extremes (here in MO we get quite a wide range of winter weather and other events). If I am overlooking a model, I'm willing to listen. I would like to get similar to better performance than what I am currently getting out of the C2V (again if I need to replace).

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