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I don't have any personal experience with this type of mount, but it looks like the important factors are the gauge of the metal and the strength of your roof at the point where it is fastened.

The board at the gable end is often called the fascia board, but the proper name is bargeboard. The fascia board is at the end of the rafters.

You will need someone with a very tall ladder to install that mount. A carpenter/contractor probably would be a good choice because he could reinforce the roof at that location if necessary. Tom Silva, of This Old House, would be my choice, but he would not be available.

I wouldn't put anything more than a small antenna on a 5 ft mast there. If you wanted to put both antennas there you would need a 5 ft tripod mount with a 10 ft mast on the top of the roof, which would require roof penetration of the fasteners. Another alternative for two antennas would be a tall mast, of 10 ft TV mast sections, that was fastened at the roof end and several places below with wall brackets, resting on your deck below.

O.K. So if I am understanding you right then I need an eavesmount and then either a 5 foot mast (if just moving the C2V) or a 10 foot mast and a 5 foot tripod mount (if moving both antennas). Is that correct?

I have some additional questions as well. How tall of a ladder are we talking? You said a carpenter so I am assuming a handyman would be a good choice. Correct?

My next question is regarding aim. How would the antennas be able to be aimed precisely (particularly critical for the 91XG) because its not like that part of the roof is able to be walked around on like where it is located now.
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