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Any chance you can raise the C2V a little higher on that mount to clear the stack for a test?

Your antennas are in a "valley" between the higher roof on the west side of your house, and the roof of the house to your east. It doesn't seem to bother the 91XG because it can look out the end of the valley to Fox. But, the C2V can't see the transmitters from the NE because of the house to your east. How high is your C2V in comparison to the peak of the roof on the house to the east? Can the C2V see above that peak?

You probably will need to get the C2V out of that valley. The best location would be at the rear of the peak of your higher roof, mounted on an eave bracket. A 5 ft mast would probably do it if you didn't want to run the mast all the way down to the deck. A 10 ft mast would be needed if you wanted to stack the 91XG and the C2V on the same mast.

If you try the C2V in that better location, and it still has problems, then you will need to switch to a UHF/VHF-hi combo antenna for the signals from the NE.

I was looking right now at the peak of the house to the east of me. It is hard to tell because it is dark but looks to be close to even or so.

When you speak to the possible new location for the C2V can you link me to the bracket you are referring to? Also is there any way you could provide me a photo in a pm like before marked with exactly where you are suggesting?

Finally, do you think it would be better to get the antenna situation settled before diving into the grounding issue? I began looking and making a list of more directional UHF/VHF antennas I may ask for opinions on. Any antenna mounting/remounting is going to have to be done by outside help as I am not skilled in that area and promised my spouse I'd stay off the roof.

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