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Also, I am going to begin to look at bringing out an electrician to ground it (assuming it isn't currently grounded). Is the only thing I need materials wise a single grounding block?
It's only one grounding block, but it will accept two coax lines. There are also grounding blocks that only accept one coax line, that would be called a single. If your two coax lines enter the house at about the same place, then you can use the dual block. It should be mounted outside, just before the lines enter.

The electrician should be able to supply the 10 gauge copper wire used to connect the block to the house electrical system, as per the diagrams I posted.

Since you will have three 10 gauge wires, two for the masts, and one for the grounding block, an IBTB would make life easier for him. Most electrical supply houses will have it. Otherwise you will have to give him one to put near the meter.

He gets to decide how to connect the IBTB to your house electrical ground.

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