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Originally Posted by ADTech View Post
I'm trying to understand why, if they were there to help, they would take out the correct device, the AC7, and replace it with a more lossy, incorrect device, then add an el-cheapo amplifier like a Skywalker (probably a SKY38323). If they used that particular amp and a standard splitter, they probably introduced more than 10 dB of extra noise into the system on channel 49

Did they bring any test gear with them, namely a signal level meter or a spectrum analyzer, so they could actually see and measure the relevant signals before making changes to the system?

Look at the SBR reading for UHF 49 on the DVR diagnostics menu. Between that and the error numbers, corrected and uncorrected, it will give you an idea of what the tuners are experiencing.
Their first job was to establish the Moca line separate from the TV signal line. But, I had also said that I was experiencing cut-outs (I don't know if they are best described as small pixelation or something else not just exclusive to any single channel). I thought maybe extra amplification might help since I had checked the signal strength percentages on my Roamio. In fact, I specifically mentioned trying the RCA TVPRAMP1R on the 91XG to see what effect that might have. Well when they began to attempt to address what I was describing they took the Tinlee combiner out of the picture feeling like it was causing part of the problem. They chose to use the Skywalker amp I guess because it was already in my attic (even though it was not in use) and felt it would fit the bill for just amplifying Fox (although I had a Winegard LNA 100 they could have used too). They had put it whatever was needed to get Cozi TV and Antenna TV broadcasting in my area so it was tough to try to argue with them....

Regarding what you asked about the Spectrum analyzer or signal level meter, they didn't have that with them. They made mention if this setup they put in (shown in the diagram) didn't work the only other thing they could try is some other antenna they have could be put up in my attic with the help of some signal tool they have.

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