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Originally Posted by rabbit73 View Post
I saw your last post before you edited it.

Most of the people that help with reception problems volunteer their time. Those that are paid to do it probably want to do something else in their free time.

There were probably many people that read your thread, but couldn't think of a suggestion that would help you.

In my case, I'm the care-giver for my wife who is not well, so I come here to forget about my problems.

You probably saw my previous post in your e-mail. I deleted it because I didn't have the time then to make a good analysis of your problem.

If he was talking about using an amp for your strongest and weakest signals, then it would possibly be overload by the strongest signals which would harm FOX by reducing its SNR from spurious signals created in the amp from IMD (intermodulation distortion). But, if you used the amp just for FOX, it wouldn't create that problem.

Thank you posting the diagram. I see that you are using a splitter in reverse to combine your 91XG and you C2V. This is not a good idea because both antennas can pick-up the same UHF channels, and when they arrive at the combiner they might interfere with each other. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.

I really don't have a lot of information about your set-up other than what you have told us, but I'll try to second-guess your installer.

My suggestion would be to use the 91XG just for FOX with an amp to bring it up to the level of your stronger channels and then feed the output of the amp into your CH 49 TinLee AC7, along with the C2V.

FOX probably will never be 100% reliable because it is a 2Edge signal.

But I see that you have been down this road before, and am beginning to feel like I have been sent on a Snipe Hunt, so I'm not sure I can add anything useful except to say what you have already been told:

Try each antenna alone to get what you want from it, and then figure out a way to combine them.

Maybe that's why you didn't get any answers this time.

Your previous threads:

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Why don't you talk to a TinLee engineer if your AC7 isn't doing what it's supposed to do?
Yes I understand about others. That's why I changed my original follow up post. I didn't want it to be misunderstood.

Regarding the reverse splitter, that was one of my concerns I wanted feedback on. I place tremendous value on the feedback given here. That's why I wanted to bring it up. I'll explain more about their thinking regarding the Tinlee combiner in response to ADTech's post.

I don't really understand the SNR. If it would be helpful to understanding and resolving this, if someone could explain I'd appreciate it.

Regarding amplification for Fox alone I have these amps on hand or on the way to me:

I actually have 2 of the RCA.

Regarding the Snipe hunt: I am sorry you feel/felt that way. I debated considerably before started the thread. I was fearful others might feel that way. But, quite frankly I didn't know where else to turn.
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