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So called "signal strength" indicators usually are not an indicator of signal power (they indicate decodability or error rate instead) and amplifiers can only increase the power level of signals at a small cost of signal to noise ratio. I haven't played with a Roamio yet, but its predecessor, the Premiere, had an advanced diagnostics menu that gave SNR readings and error rates. Perhaps the Roamio kept this feature. In any event, there is no use in trying to get above a certain threshold until you know what the minimum threshold for a specific make and model of a tuner might be. Perhaps the Roamio is a "20" or a "30" or a "55", or whatever, I don't know.

Maybe some modest amplification might help, but there's a whole bunch of information that hasn't been provided that is needed to analyze the distribution system.
It may sound strange but I am in a "wait and see" and "trying to confirm this is the best setup for picture quality/no picture issues etc." I attached a jpeg file of what my setup looks like after they got done. What the diagram does not show is a Tinlee AC7 combiner for Channel 49 Fox that they took out (for whatever reason they thought is was causing a loss of signal). My main purpose for bringing out the help was to create the moca network that is separate from the Tv signal network. But, I was wanting them to explore whether some additional amplification could help clear up some of the picture issues I had been seeing at times like small cutting out of the picture I have been seeing on the screen at times (the system had to be adjusted anyway to just send the TV signal to the Roamio connected television).

The Roamio has a "signal strength" meter that can be accessed as well as a "DVR diagnostics" menu. The DVR diagnostics goes beyond just signal strength and gives SNR and other information. So, I am guessing the information is the same as the Premiere. If you could tell me something to check for, I can do that.

I would like to go back to my original question about whether they or right regarding the amplification and thoughts on the setup in general.

ADTech, have I provided enough information to better analyze the situation?
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