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There is no risk of any physical damage to a tuner from using a preamplifier. The power levels are too low. If the signals are over-amplified, reception will be lost, but the condition lasts only as long as the overload condition. Again, NO PHYSICAL DAMAGE.

There is no risk of conflict on channel 17, either. The F/B ratios of the antennas will easily prevent any issues there. Even if there was a conflict, you'd lose Branson's tourist channel and a repeater for Larry Rice's New Life Evangelistic center, assuming both are actually on the air.

the signal strength numbers were lower I could "afford" some additional amplification
So called "signal strength" indicators usually are not an indicator of signal power (they indicate decodability or error rate instead) and amplifiers can only increase the power level of signals at a small cost of signal to noise ratio. I haven't played with a Roamio yet, but its predecessor, the Premiere, had an advanced diagnostics menu that gave SNR readings and error rates. Perhaps the Roamio kept this feature. In any event, there is no use in trying to get above a certain threshold until you know what the minimum threshold for a specific make and model of a tuner might be. Perhaps the Roamio is a "20" or a "30" or a "55", or whatever, I don't know.

Maybe some modest amplification might help, but there's a whole bunch of information that hasn't been provided that is needed to analyze the distribution system.
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