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Originally Posted by ant View Post
We might need pre-amps. Would these preamps be OK from Radio Shack to try and return if needed?
1. (Model: 15-321 | Catalog #: 15-321)
2. (Model: 15-259 | Catalog #: 15-259)
Reviews are three and four stars, and they only go to two TVs. At least, they can be returned.
I contacted Radio Shack through its web site a couple days ago and got this e-mail response/reply yesterday:

"Date: Sat, 7 Jul 2012 15:35:06 -0400 (EDT)
From: "" <>
To: Ant
Subject: Re: I need help finding a product
x-mailer: KANA Response

Dear Ant,

Thank you for contacting

We appreciate your inquiry and would be happy to assist. After careful
review of the products you've included in your questions, we believe we
have located all the information you require.

Our review indicates the products both do not work as a
pre-amplification device for your coaxial cable signal. The catalog
number 15-321 boasts a amplification of 40 decibels while the catalog
number 15-259 indicates the amplification is approximately 20 decibels.
At this time we have been unable to determine the measurement for
additional noise potentially generated by the devices..."

So it confirms that these amps are not for what I need for my situation.

[sighs] Sheesh, so hard to find a local retail store with pre-amps for OTA in Los Angeles/L.A. area.
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