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Originally Posted by GroundUrMast View Post
Powered equipment from a satellite system installation is unlikely to pass OTA TV frequencies. Without knowing what the devise was, I can't say for certain. Connecting power to the coax incorrectly can put power into equipment that's not designed to receive it, possibly causing damage.

Because you're trying to distribute to several sets and you have weak signals at the antenna, a preamp such as the the Antennas Direct PA-18 or CPA-19 would be useful. It needs to install ahead of the splitter.
It looked like that I showed earlier. I will see if I can find it again and take a photo. of it later. All I remember was it in a closest/nearest room near the roof's old Dish connected to the attic's splitter with coax cables into four rooms. I don't think the attic has any power outlets, so it ended up in that room. Someone else said, in my newsgroup thread, said it was for Dish receiver which make sense now. It seems like even Dish couldn't gets its singal far enough for those back/far rooms.

It looks like only Sears and Best Buy carry the preamps that you mentioned, but not currently in stock or unavailable. Any others that can be quickly easily and quickly purchased from and returned to Radio Shack, Fry's Electronics, Best Buy, Costco, Walmart, etc.?
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