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Answers to your questions.....

Are you re-using old coax?
I am using brand new cable. I bought a 500 FT roll and cut what I needed.

How many feet of coax are there between the antenna and TV
Its about a 70 FT run to the TV from the Antenna on the roof

Are there any splitters in the line? If so, how many, and how many splitter ports total, not counting the input port on any splitter?
There are no spitters but there is a barrel connector that connects the coax cable that goes down to the TV from the outside antenna cable (this was counted in the total coax length above)
How many TVs are connected?
Just one TV now but was planning on adding at least one more.

Which way does the U8000 face when receiving 6 channels?
The 4 channels are received when pointed at 130 degrees

What are the 6 channels received? (Please use the all sign & real channel number.)
Sorry, I was only receiving 4 Channels with the U8000:

I will have to double check this for accuracy.

Did you re-scan after connecting the U8000?
I rescanned everytime I moved the Antenna.
I also tried to aim the antenna to the North between 347 and 360 degrees and received 0 channels with the U8000.

An additional note, I connected the Phillips back up and now receive 8 channels pointing at 130 degrees. The Real channel numbers range from 9 to 45

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