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Would I still be best going with something like the 2Max or Flex, or might something less expensive do the job?
Depends on your family's ( or wife) aesthetic point of view inside your home. Right now you mentioned your RCA 751R (BTW good antenna) pointing out the window sill. Does that bother anyone?

If not, a larger indoor antenna like the 2Max would be fine, or the Flex I certainly could recommend as I have compared it to several other models and found it to be more reliable in pulling in and maintaining maximum signal strength, especially indoors. Just my opinion, though.

It seems like you're in a good location for OTA TV reception. That's over half the battle right there. Whichever way you go, I think you'll be happy with the results. Please keep us posted on your more permanent outcome.

Thanks DTX_Mav and all the best!

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